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No-Sew Bolster Pillows

bolster pillowMaterials:

  • a large roll of thick batting or fleece
  • fabric glue or hot glue
  • fabric (enough to cover the rolled-up batting)
  • ribbon or cording with tassels
The size of the roll of batting will determine the size of your bolster pillow. At the fabric store, batting is usually sold rolled up in plastic bags -- use these to determine the size you'll need.

Carefully unroll the batting half way. Spread glue on the unrolled portion and re-roll the batting. You don't need to apply a lot of glue; it's just to add a little stability. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Measure the finished batting roll to determine how much fabric you'll need to cover it. Lay the batting roll in the center of the fabric width, with the fabric's selvedge edges (the uncut ones) at the ends of the roll. If the selvedge edges of the fabric are ugly or a different color, you should probably hem them or at least cut them off with pinking shears (so they don't ravel). With the batting roll on the fabric, wrap the fabric around the roll lengthwise (like a tootsie roll or candy wrapper). Leave at least 3 inches of fabric overhang on each end of the roll. Fold the lengthwise cut edge of the fabric under, and glue those two edges together. Tie ribbon or cording around the fabric at the roll's ends.

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